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At Studio 2 Forty-Two, we work with children, youth and adults across a variety of environments and presentations, including high risk and complex needs.

Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA)

Studio 2 Forty-Two Pty Ltd provide full behaviour assessments for families, service providers, medical/psychiatric services, and justice services. The document comes with pro-active and re-active strategies that can be added to a Positive Behaviour Support Plan or Risk Management Plan.

Positive Behaviour Support Plans (PBSP)

Studio 2 Forty-Two Pty Ltd is a registered provider of Specialist Behaviour Support with NDIS Q & SC. We provide specialist comprehensive and interim PBSP’s for all ages and developmental levels.

We are Behavior Support Specialists in:

  • Forensics
  • Dual diagnosis and comorbidity
  • Sexualised behaviours and offending
  • Violent and aggressive behaviour
  • Restricted Practices

Risk Management Plans (RMP)

Studio 2 Forty-Two Pty Ltd have a range of risk management plans to assist staff, supervisors and officers with risk management of behaviours. RMP’s are a rapid response tool, generally reactive in nature and assist with immediate strategies. RMP’s are dynamic (reviewed and updated regularly) and are often used in conjunction with longer term behaviour management and support plans. 

S242 Progression 100 ©

Clinical audit tool. This tool is used a valuable auditing tool that can be administered by Studio 2 Forty-Two Pty Ltd Clinicians (or appropriately trained and authorised person). Based on the WHO quality of Life indicators and the NDIS Q & SC regulation, this tool provides a clinical score card and progression map for services providers. 


This is a daily mindfulness and motivational tool based on the WHO quality of life indicators. It can also be used to monitor short- term daily progress when in crisis. 

QR Risk Management I.D. (RMID)

The Studio 2 Forty-two Pty Ltd RMID is a risk management tool that provides easy hands-free immediate access to information for moderate to high risk clients. The RMID come in the form of a badge or a card. The access to information (risk mitigation strategies) is in the form of a QR code and can be accessed by staff, police or other person tasked with helping the person of concern. The RMID is provided at no extra cost to clients with a comprehensive PBSP.

Product prices vary according to client’s individual needs. All pricing of NDIS products are based on the latest version of the NDIS price guide. Please contact our friendly team for further information. 


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